Under Construction (2015), Feature Film

Meherjaan (2011), Feature Film


Interview: on  Under Construction

What it means to be a female director in a male dominated industry

Bangladeshi movie ‘Under Construction’ reinterprets Tagore for today’s times

Director Rubaiyat Hossain relocates the play ‘Red Oleanders’ to the readymade garment industry

Published Article

Labor of Love is Nothing Short of Meditation

Labors of Love’ or ‘Asha Jaoar Majhe,’ is an ode to the men and women caught in the capitalist industrial civilisation

Not a he, nor a she, but an individual, in life and in death

Rituparno Ghosh’s sudden death has hit a massive emotional chord with the queer population

I am not a hanger for your ideology

Why have women’s bodies become a political battleground?

The fractured Bangladeshi nation

The national rhetoric must evolve and learn from history

Let’s keep filming and fighting

On contemporay cinema scene in Bangladesh

Taking Women Forward: The Role of Begum Rokeya and Sultan Jahan

examines the lives, works and social influence of Begum Rokeya and Sultan Jahan Begum of Bhopal.

Sylvia Plath

Stars open among the lilies . . .

Female Directors, Female Gaze

The Search for Female Subjectivity in Film

Empress Extraordinaire

traces the intriguing life and persona of the empress, Nurjahan.

Belief in Bengal

Feminism for men

It is not just women who benefit from feminism, but men as well

Bad girls and middle-class morality

on the disturbing constructions of Bangladeshi womanhood to be found in the novels of Humayun Ahmed

The women in his life

discusses Rabindranath’s willingness to subordinate to the cause of nationalism his liberal humanism when it came to the issue of women’s emancipation

Why did Durga, Sarbajaya, and Aparna have to die

disquieting dispensability of the female characters in the Apu Trilogy

1971: Shall we remember, forget, or fabricate?

Taslima Nasrin: Woman in exile

re-examines Bangladesh’s most controversial author

Is Sex Work, Work?

LOVE : An Asymmetry

Hirok Rajar Deshey: Ray’s allegory comes true

Advertisements Are Brutal

Philosophical crisis: A confused Bengali nation

Romance : The Transparent Politics

Begum Rokeya : The Pioneer Feminist of Bangladesh

Still in Seclusion : My Silence is Your Comfort

I know I am a Woman